The list of personal contact details of more than 200 people attending the capacity Public Meeting in Dinas Powys Parish Hall about the much-needed Dinas Powys By-Pass mysteriously disappeared from the hall at the end of the meeting.

The meeting has been called the most successful to be held in Dinas Powys for over 50 years.

Organisers were frantic because the contact details were needed to take the campaign to another level. They expected to be able to contact those who attended to form the basis of a non-political Steering Group.

“Our aim from the outset has been to work with interested parties to form a lobby organisation for the Community,” explained Clr Vince Driscoll. “From the outset we determined no group should think they could use the campaign to promote their own ends. We were looking for people who might have the skills and experience needed to help the campaign succeed.

To this end we received valuable guidance from the Chair of the Save Sully campaign.

“The theft of the document delayed the process and perhaps shone a light in corners that hardened our resolve to make this a community action.”

The missing papers attracted considerable media attention. They emphasised how villagers were the people suffering from their loss.

Result: On Monday morning 12th December the papers were mysteriously and anonymously pushed through the letterbox of the Clerk to the Community Council at the Parish Hall.

Had the person who took them suddenly had a pang of community conscience? Or had they copied them for their own ends and had no further use for the originals?


Image courtesy of Penarth Daily News.

“One thing is certain. It’s doubled our intent to make this a community project,” said Cllr Driscoll.

“We’ve had to rethink how this can be arranged. We’ve established this website and registered an official petition with the National Assembly of Wales. We urge everyone not only to sign the document but make sure their relatives, friends and everyone on their social networks also signs this petition.

“The petition is an important way those in positions of power to pay for the by-pass (the Welsh Government) can be encouraged to come to an agreement with the Vale Council to proceed with building the road as a priority for people from across the Vale. 10,000 new houses planned throughout the Vale of Glamorgan means at least 20,000 more vehicles – 40,000 trips extra on our roads, mainly the A4055 Cardiff to Barry Road.”

Welcome To the DINAS POWYS BY-PASS Website


The only reason for this site to exist, quite simply is that for 88 years (yes, since 1928) residents of the oldest community in the Vale of Glamorgan – the Dinas Powis Hundreds – have campaigned for a by-pass for their village. A village that has swollen from under 4.500 around 40 years ago to over 9,000 today – to become the largest village in Wales. Map Dinas Powys By-pass.

It sits midway between the largest town (Barry – pop 52,000) and the largest City in Wales, Cardiff (pop, 350,000).  Car and light vehicle road transport has increased over 400% since 1954 yet the roads connecting Dinas Powys have remained a single A Road (A4055) and four roads  that are primarily single track.