How to Respond to the Planning Applications for Major Housing Developments in Dinas Powys

This guide is to help you to comment on, or object, to the current Planning Applications for the 70 house development off Caerleon Road or the 215 house development at the site of the former St Cyres Junior School.

Note: You have to submit separate responses for each application.

The reference numbers for each are:-

Caerleon: 2017/00724/RES

St Cyres: 2017/01136/HYB

Follow these steps:-

  1. Search for ‘Vale of Glamorgan Planning’.
  2. Click on ‘Planning Applications’.
  3. In the box headed ‘View a Planning Application’, click on ‘Planning Register’.
  4. In the left hand menu box, click on ‘Planning Search’.
  5. In the Application Number box, enter one of the above reference numbers (you don’t have to fill in anything else) and below the form, click on ‘search’.
  6. Click on the reference number under ’Application’.
  7. At the top of the next page, click on ‘Comment on this planning application’.
  8. Enter you name, address and email.
  9. For type of comment, click on ‘Objection’ if you wish any part of your response to be treated as an objection.
  10. For ‘Type,’ click on ‘Other’ unless you have received a letter as a nearby neighbour to the application.
  11. Under ‘Type details’, if you clicked ‘Other,’ suggest you enter ‘Dinas Powys resident affected by this application’.
  12. Then either write your comment/objection in the Comments box if short or attach the file containing your comment that you have previously saved.
  13. Finally, click ‘submit’.


At step 6, before clicking on ‘Comment on this planning application’, you can see details and information about the application.  The ‘Documents’ tab will list all the drawings and documents submitted with the application.  The list will be over several pages with the clickable page numbers at the bottom.

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