Dinas Powys To Be Represented On By-Pass Review Group

Dinas Powys is, at last, to get a local representative to sit on the Welsh Assembly Government’s WelTAG Review Group that oversees the Study into the transport corridor through the village.

Civil Engineer Roger Pattenden B.Sc MICE was appointed by Dinas Powys Community Council to represent the community on this Review Group that will review the further study work to solve the present transport problems through Dinas Powys. Earlier in the week the Vale Council Cabinet asked the Community Council to appoint someone to the Review Group.


Roger Pattenden BSc.MICE

The Dinas Powys study is the first occasion a Review Group has been used for any transport initiative in Wales.

The Dinas Powys By-Pass Steering Group had impressed upon the Vale Council that the initially appointed Review Group represented just 22% of local commuters. But the 78% travelling by car, van or motor-cycle were not represented.  The members of the initial Group represented only transport modes that collectively formed the unworkable ‘Multi-Modal’ option.  The other two choices initially short-listed were a stand-alone by-pass or a ‘do minimum’ decision.

On the recommendation of the Council’s Environment and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee the Cabinet has added a fourth option, a combination of the by-pass and multi-modal options. This will avoid the possibility of the ‘multi-modal’ option unfairly amassing extra selection points merely because of the number of different components within it.

Roger Pattenden is also a member of the Dinas Powys By-Pass Steering Group and has worked assiduously to achieve the result most villagers have expressed as their desired outcome.

“Obviously I’m pleased to be asked to represent the community,” Roger, whose wife was born in Dinas Powys, said this week. “I’ll try to ensure that the study considers the benefit of all aspects for the long-term benefit of the village and Vale.

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