Comments sent to the Vale Council from Dinas Powys By-Pass Steering Group during August 2017

Considerations for Stage 2 of WelTAG* study into
Improving Strategic Transport for Dinas Powys

*Welsh Transport planning and Appraisal Guidance. A five stage process. The first stage was carried out by ARCADIS Consulting, reported to the Vale Council Cabinet on 31st July 2017.

The ARCADIS Stage 1 Report identifies five objectives to improve strategic transport along the corridor through Dinas Powys.  These are:-

Objective 1:         Support Sustainable Connectivity in Cardiff City Region.

Objective 2:         Facilitate and support economic growth.

Objective 3:         Improving Health and Wellbeing.

Objective 4:         Improved Safety and Security.

Objective 5:         Benefits and Minimised impacts on the environment.

At the end of the study, three options were short-listed for further work in Stage 2:

A: Do Minimum B: Multi-Modal C: By-Pass

Option A would not achieve the objectives and was included in order to compare the Do Minimum future situation with the benefits which the other options could provide.

Option B provides minimal achievement of the objectives as explained in the table below.

Option C would achieve the objectives to varying degrees.

N.B. Options B and C are unequal in the extent to which they can achieve the stated Objectives.  However, we consider that a far greater achievement of the Objectives could be obtained by a combination of feasible multi-modal improvements with a by-pass.

Objective Ref Extent to which Option B would achieve Objectives
1 The inability of this Option to significantly reduce traffic congestion along the corridor would prevent improvement of bus services and the provision of a continuous direct cycle way along the corridor.  Any increase in train usage would be limited due to lack of parking facilities at stations.  So there would be low achievement of this Objective.
2 There would be an adverse effect on economic growth due to greater congestion resulting from no increase in road or bus capacity and minimal increase in train usage.  Any improvement in facilities for cyclists and pedestrians would give insignificant benefit to economic growth.
3 Any improvement in facilities for cyclists and pedestrians would provide some health benefit but this would be mitigated by an increase in pollution along the A4055 from greater traffic congestion.
4 Increased traffic congestion along the corridor would not achieve this Objective.
5 Increased traffic congestion along the corridor would not achieve this Objective.

Options B and C both require work in Stage 2 to evaluate sub-options.  The following table lists the sub-options that we envisage need evaluation together with the outcome information which would result.

Ref Sub-Options to be Evaluated Outcome
1 Alternatives for increasing capacity of the Merrie Harrier junction Identification of option with best cost benefit.
2 Routes for road connections from by-pass to Dinas Powys and to Penarth. Identification of feasible routes and connection points plus their cost benefit
3 Alternative routes for southern part of by-pass and their connection points to existing road network. Identification of the feasible route and connection point with greatest cost benefit.
4 Feasibility of any additional parking facilities at train stations and assessment of possible increase in train passengers Identification of cost benefit of providing feasible extra car parking at train stations in corridor.
5 Feasibility of car passenger drop off /pick up zones at train stations. Identification of feasible and cost-effective drop off / pick up zones.
6 Locations and types of secure all weather cycle parking facilities at train stations Identification of feasible and most cost effective cycle parking facilities.
7 Location and size of park and ride facility adjacent to by-pass. Identification of most cost effective size and location of P & R facility
8 Measures to improve safety along Station Road to Pen-y-Turnpike route by limiting speed and improving junctions. Identification of cost effective measures to achieve objective.
9 Switching A4055 designation onto by-pass and making existing road through Dinas Powys a B road with weight restriction. Removal of HGV through traffic from road through Dinas Powys.
10 Improved bus stop facilities and/or increased bus capacity (e.g. more buses and drivers?) to take advantage of reduced traffic congestion on A4055. Identification of feasible cost-effective improvements for new facilities and/or additional buses and staff.
11 Routes for new or improved cycle ways and feasibility of schemes. Identification of feasible and cost-effective new or improved cycle ways.
12 Routes / locations for new or improved pedestrian facilities and scheme feasibility. Identification of cost effective new or improved pedestrian facilities.

Because the cost and benefit of each option will have been estimated individually, it will be possible to identify the overall cost benefit of combinations of options.  Any combination that excluded a by-pass simply could not provide overall, lasting benefit.

The results from this work will show the potential benefits to transport in the Barry to Cardiff corridor and thereby in the Eastern Vale that would be achievable for different levels of total expenditure.

This may help achieve the most beneficial combination of options possible.

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